RV Rentals for Burning Man Arts & Music Festival

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While we offer RV Rentals for the Burning Man Festival, we are not directly affiliated or sponsored by the Event in any way.

RV Rentals in Reno is owned and operated by Share My Coach Chino. 

Large Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Class A Diesel Coaches including 37’ to 40′ RVs

Pick up in Reno


Pick up in Southern California


3089 39ft. Palazzo – Sleeps: 2-7

3013 39ft. Discovery – Sleeps: 2-7

3025 40ft. Allegro – Sleeps: 2-8

3004 40ft Alfa – Sleeps: 2-4

Large Class A Gas Motorhomes

Class A and Super C gas coaches including 34’, 35′, 36′, and 37′

Pick up in Reno


Pick up in Southern California


3218 36ft. Fortis – Sleeps: 2-8

3052 36ft Mirada – Sleeps: 2-6

37ft Gas RV 3124 Georgetown

37ft Gas RV 3124 Georgetown

Medium Class A Gas Coaches

Including 29′, 30′, 31′, and 32′

Pick up in Reno


Pick up in Southern California


3110 31ft Alante – Sleeps: 2- 6

3220 30ft. Vista – Sleeps: 2-6

3035 29ft Hurricane – Sleeps: 2-6

3039 29ft ACE – Sleeps: 2-6

Large Class C Gas RV’s and Pull Trailers with Generator

29′, 30′, 31′, and 32′

Pick up in Reno


Pick up in Southern California


3044 31ft Ranger – Sleeps: 2-8

3040 29ft Red Hawk – Sleeps: 2-6

Minnie Winnie 3200 – Sleeps: 2-6

3028 31ft Tango – Sleeps: 2-6

3042 31ft Jay Flight – Sleeps: 2-6

3050 29ft Milan – Sleeps: 2-8

3011 29ft Weekend Warrior – Sleeps: 2-10

Small Class C RVs and Pull Trailers with Generator

18′, 22′, 23′, 24′, and 26′

Pick up in Reno


Pick up in Southern California


3.1 3026 21ft Freelander Class C

3026 21ft Freelander – Sleeps: 2-5

3208 24ft. Navion Class C

3208 24ft. Navion – Sleeps: 2-6

3.3 3047 25ft Ranger Class C

3047 25ft Ranger – Sleeps: 2-6




INSURANCE: RV rental insurance coverage is first covered from the renter’s personal auto policy by way of a “Binder”, “Certificate” or “Endorsement”. In the event your auto policy will not cover you or your driver, we may be able to provide a secondary policy to cover you the renter and your hired drivers if necessary. Please be aware you the renter will be required to deposit a minimum damage deposit of $3,500. Your damage deposit will be the minimum out-of-pocket damage deductible should any damage happen during transport or when on the Playa even if you have requested us to deliver the vehicle on your behalf.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Is $3,500 and will be used to pay for the following: Insurance deductible when a claim is made, non-insurance damages, all fuel costs, 2nights at the GSR RV Park, BLM fees (if applicable), return shipping services, cleaning of the returned coach other than Playa dust removal and special request services.

GENERATOR USE: 60 hours included then $6 per hour (does not include additional fuel).

HOUSE WARES: Basic housewares are included.

BEDDING and LINENS: We will provide hotel-quality items for up to 4. Additional bedding and linens may be requested at $100 per person.

BIKES: Up to 4 beach bikes are included.

TECHNICAL HELP: Remote technical  assistance is available from 8AM to 10PM. Call our office for any vehicle or technical support.

RETURN CLEANING: Basic cleaning and trash removal of up to 6 bags of trash included. Additional fee of $25 per bag will be charged after 6.

Note: No trash or food items may be left behind in the coach unless bagged. If items are left on counters, cabinets, refrigerators, sinks, floors and bedrooms for removal additional trash and cleaning will be charged at $65 per hour with a minimum $100 fee. Coach flooring prep and window sealing will be done to the coach to protect it and included at no additional charge.

SHIPPING ITEMS TO US: For your convenience you may ship items to us and the first 4’x4’x4’ palled size will be included at no additional charge. Additional pallet size shipments will run $150 each. Note: All items being shipped back to you MUST have been repacked and postage paid labels must be on your packages or we will bill $65 per hour for this additional service. NO RETURN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING UNLESS ITEMIZED CONTENT LIST IS PROVIDED AND FILLED OUT IN ADVANCE. GROCERIES: Purchase your groceries from Instacart.com for you and your number of passengers and have them delivered directly to us to be put in your rental vehicle.  All confirmed food orders once made with must then be emailed to us in advance of delivery. We will not be responsible for perishables. We will place your food orders and shipped items in your coach and assist in shipping your items back after the event. “Save yourself some money and pack your garbage and repack your packages.”

On rentals being picked up in Reno: Once again we will be at the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel RV Park.  To receive your coach in Reno you may do so from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. starting Friday August 23rd Tuesday August 27th. Returning your coach may start on Saturday September 1st and must be returned by 8pm Monday September 2nd. Late returns starting on Tuesday September 3rd will be billed at $500 per day. Note: All additional charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

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